Speed Camera Sensors

speed camera sensors

    camera sensors
  • (Camera Sensor) Video image sensor. CCD or C-MOS chip.

  • (Camera sensor) An image sensor is a device that converts an optical image to an electric signal. It is used mostly in digital cameras and other imaging devices.

  • Move or work more quickly

  • accelerate: move faster; "The car accelerated"

  • Move quickly

  • rush: move fast; "He rushed down the hall to receive his guests"; "The cars raced down the street"

  • (of a motorist) Travel at a speed that is greater than the legal limit

  • distance travelled per unit time

speed camera sensors - Fujifilm FinePix

Fujifilm FinePix HS20 16 MP Digital Camera with EXR BSI CMOS High Speed Sensor and Fujinon 30x Wide Angle Optical Zoom Lens Accessory Saver 16GB NiMH Battery/Rapid Charger Bundle

Fujifilm FinePix HS20 16 MP Digital Camera with EXR BSI CMOS High Speed Sensor and Fujinon 30x Wide Angle Optical Zoom Lens Accessory Saver 16GB NiMH Battery/Rapid Charger Bundle

This Kit Includes:
1-Fujifilm FinePix HS20 16 MP Digital Camera brand New w/ Manufacturer's Supplied Accessories
1- 16GB SDHC Memory Card (Dont Miss a Memory!)
1- USB SDHC Memory Card Reader (Download Images Quicker!)
8- 2900MaH+ AA NiMH Batteries Plus Travel Rapid Charger (Shoot Longer and Stronger!)
1- Padded Carrying Case w/Strap (Keep It safe and Protected)
1- Full Size 57" Bubble Head 2-Way Panhead Tripod (No More Blurry Memories!)
1- Memory Card Wallet (Stay Organized!)
1- Pack of LCD Screen Protectors (Protect from Dust and Scratches!)
1- Lens/LCD Cleaning Kit
1- Mini Table Top Tripod
More about this camera:
Fujifilm's FinePix HS20EXR is a high quality, advanced function SLR-styled long-zoom camera built for the professional or enthusiast photographer, but also easy enough for even a first time user. Improving on the excellence of its predecessor, the FinePix HS10EXR, the FinePix HS20EXR features a new 16-megapixel EXR-CMOS sensor, a powerful FUJINON 30x manual optical zoom (24mm-720mm equivalent) lens, a tilting 3.0-inch high contrast LCD with a electronic viewfinder featuring a "heads up" sensor that automatically changes from LCD to EVF, and countless features serious photographers seek for versatility and performance. Fujifilm FinePix HS20 digital camera highlights With a new EXR-CMOS sensor powered by Fujifilm's EXR processor engine, the possibilities for photo enthusiasts are endless with the FinePix HS20EXR. The camera delivers high speed continuous shooting at 8 fps at full resolution for 8 frames, high speed movies at 320fps, captures full panoramic photos with Motion Panorama 360° and full HD Movies at 1080p with an HDMI output connector and has the ability to shoot in RAW, JPEG or RAW & JPEG modes, and in full manual mode. The HS20EXR also has an optional remote release cable and is compatible with two automatic Fujifilm

79% (18)

New Camera day 28 - Legoman gets close and personal with ISO

New Camera day 28 - Legoman gets close and personal with ISO

“Hi! It’s me again, Legoman” “ISO is fairly straightforward, so won’t keep you for long. The pictures say it all really, as the ISO doubles, the shutter speed halves. The ISO is the sensitivity of your camera sensor (or film) to light. The higher the number, the more sensitive it is, and the faster it can capture an image. This is useful at night when you don’t have a tripod or for fast-moving sports.” “The problem is that not every pixel is captured properly at a high ISO and this results in ‘Noise’ – the speckly, grainy dots that you can see. This usually isn’t wanted, unless you are aiming for grainy retro looking B&W images.” “The best things come to those who wait… so take your tripod!” All photos taken at f/11 in fairly low light & I reckon that it performs reasonably up to ISO 400 - then it goes pear shaped - what do you think?

20110607 130755

20110607 130755

Positive cloud-to-ground flash (70 kilo Ampere) followed by a recoil-type crawler under the cloud base, in turn triggering a likely upward negative ground-to-cloud flash from a wind farm at the horizon.

You can also see that the camera sensor suffers from the "black sun" effect.

speed camera sensors

speed camera sensors

Image Sensors and Signal Processing for Digital Still Cameras (Optical Science and Engineering)

Shrinking pixel sizes along with improvements in image sensors, optics, and electronics have elevated DSCs to levels of performance that match, and have the potential to surpass, that of silver-halide film cameras. Image Sensors and Signal Processing for Digital Still Cameras captures the current state of DSC image acquisition and signal processing technology and takes an all-inclusive look at the field, from the history of DSCs to future possibilities.

The first chapter outlines the evolution of DSCs, their basic structure, and their major application classes. The next few chapters discuss high-quality optics that meet the requirements of better image sensors, the basic functions and performance parameters of image sensors, and detailed discussions of both CCD and CMOS image sensors. The book then discusses how color theory affects the uses of DSCs, presents basic image processing and camera control algorithms and examples of advanced image processing algorithms, explores the architecture and required performance of signal processing engines, and explains how to evaluate image quality for each component described. The book closes with a look at future technologies and the challenges that must be overcome to realize them.

With contributions from many active DSC experts, Image Sensors and Image Processing for Digital Still Cameras offers unparalleled real-world coverage and opens wide the door for future innovation.

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