Car camera rig. Creative pc camera driver download.

Car Camera Rig

car camera rig

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car camera rig - CAMTREE G-51

CAMTREE G-51 Gripper Car Suction Mount for Photography/Videography

CAMTREE G-51 Gripper Car Suction Mount for Photography/Videography

*Professional grade Car Cam Mount - Supports cameras upto 9lbs in weight
*Shock-absorbing properties allow vibrations to be absorbed throughout the mount while driving
*Ball Tilt joint Camera attachment allows for wide spatial adjustment
*Made of industrial grade impact resistant, weather-proof materials - great for outdoor use
* CAMTREE GRIPPER G-51 can be set on any glass or smooth surface on interior or exterior of any vehicle
CAMTREE GRIPPER G-51 camera-mounting system grips solidly on any automobile, boat or other vehicle to smooth surfaces on the exterior or interior. The system is adjustable to any height and position & allows you to fix a camera/camcorder (suitable for HDV/HD-size cameras, max camera weight 9 lbs) on a moving vehicle in a variety of configurations by means of different size rods and ball tilt heads.

Weight Bearing Capacity : 3.5 kg
Release Lever : Just pull out the lever of the Suction Cup to release it.
Contruction :
* Extension Rods : Solid AMS Pastic Black in Color with 1/4 Screw
* Camera Hub is Aluminum Black Anodized.
* Ball Tilt Head : Ball head is made of Aluminium powder coating.
* Screw Size : 1/4 inch
* Rods Length : 3, & 6 Inch
* Ball Tilt Head length : 70mm, Width : 60mm

Package Includes:
*6" Rods : 6PC
*3" Rods : 3pc
*Gripper cups : 3pc
*Ball Tilt Head : 6pc
*Hub : 1pc

84% (19)

Camera rig - trial

Camera rig - trial

Been trying out my camera rig for my car this morning - need to make a few adjustments but it shows promise. Also got several strange looks from the shoppers in the car park ! Have a few ideas now which I want to take over the next few weeks..... I just need a few extra pairs of hands !

Audi A8 trackday car Rig shot

Audi A8 trackday car Rig shot

Audi A8 4.2 Quattro Rig setup shot,
This is a old photo I found on my computer

car camera rig

car camera rig

IR NiteDrive BIG RIG DVR Camera Easy to Install 15 HRS

Whether you're driving uptown, downtown or out of town, make sure you document your journeys, just in case. Traffic jams, motor vehicle mayhem, road rage, bumper tag and car crashes are just some of things you may need a record of in case things get out of hand. You can be sure that the other guy's insurance adjuster will try and make a solid case for why they shouldn't pay up, but with your video record of events, courtesy of the NiteDrive, you can make sure they don't take you for a ride.
Rechargeable Battery
No video monitoring device would be complete without a battery backup system. The NiteDrive comes with rechargeable Lithium-Polymer batteries that let you record up to 90 minutes of video. Ideally for permanent power you'll want to utilize the included cigarette lighter power adapter. Automatic Recording
The NiteDrive starts recording as soon as you start your car. You'll never forget to turn it on.

Believe it or not, there are over 15 million automobile accidents every year in the U.S. alone. Out of those 15 million, almost 3 million suffer from severe injury. Wouldn't it be nice to walk into a courtroom with a crisp and clear video showing what really happened? The NiteDrive captures amazing video with quality clarity so won't have any trouble seeing who did what. That's right! All ElectroFlip brand products purchased from Amazon through DealScore come with a free no hassle LIFETIME warranty. If there is ever any problem a brand new item is only a few clicks away!

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